Why Entitled People Really Piss Me Off

Any time I see an entitled behavior in front of me, it absolutely makes my blood boil. I think how can someone be so greedy, so ungrateful, so self-absorbed! How rude! (said in my best Stephanie Tanner impression) When I see someone who lets other people buy him or her expensive things, I always sayContinue reading “Why Entitled People Really Piss Me Off”

Dating is Discovery

What makes us attracted to someone? I’m not always sure…from my limited “scholarly” research, its all things scientific and biological. Whether or not that partner would or could produce strong and resilient offspring with you. (True…but definitely not sexy in my opinion). From personal experience, I like to think its all things spiritual… a combinationContinue reading “Dating is Discovery”

My Valentines Day Post About Love…and Mirrors

“Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition.” Alexander Smith Part of the work of loving ourselves means learning to love ALL of ourselves. The beautiful parts, the resilient parts, the fun parts and yes, the ugly parts…the parts of that us that make us feel anxious andContinue reading “My Valentines Day Post About Love…and Mirrors”

How to Feel Good About Fucking Up

(warning f-bombs ahead) Failing Is Like, So Hot Right Now We’ve all heard that the concept of failing is really popular and to be honest, I am so glad it is! Its about time we start looking at our mistakes as opportunities to expand. After all, you can’t know what you don’t know-and sometimes makingContinue reading “How to Feel Good About Fucking Up”

All Aboard the Emotions Train

I Feel, But It’s Not Who I Am “Being grateful, being positive, being healthy, does not mean we never feel angry. Being grateful positive, positive and healthy means we feel angry when we need to.” Melody Beattie Some people may think that me being so positive all the time is fake. That this couldn’t possiblyContinue reading “All Aboard the Emotions Train”