“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” — Robin Williams

The Lengths We Will Go

“Pain is Inevitable; Suffering is Optional” I was having a really great conversation with a girlfriend last night about feeling hesitant about getting back out there because she didn’t want to open herself to getting hurt again. It made me think of the lenghts we go as humans to protect ourselves from pain. When IContinue reading “The Lengths We Will Go”

My Emotional Support Mask & Trying to Understand My Anger

Ever since the announcement of the lifting of the mask restrictions for people who are vaccinated happened, I’ve been having this internal struggle. This feeling in the pit of my stomach that churns, these powerful emotions that I can literally feel radiating from my body. And it’s the slow kind of anger and resentment that’sContinue reading “My Emotional Support Mask & Trying to Understand My Anger”


What brings pain Is not listening to our own hearts Our own bodies Our own thoughts For when we aren’t quiet enough to their whispers Those whispers gradually become louder Until they are screams And like a child, tugging at your sleeve A small request for attention that is ignored Soon becomes a tantrum andContinue reading “Listen”

When You Shut Down

There are times when we are connected, you are connected to you, connected to me That is when you are truly with me, because you are with yourself There are no walls and we are naked with one another Then there are times when you go somewhere I can’t find you I can’t help youContinue reading “When You Shut Down”

Dating is Discovery

What makes us attracted to someone? I’m not always sure…from my limited “scholarly” research, its all things scientific and biological. Whether or not that partner would or could produce strong and resilient offspring with you. (True…but definitely not sexy in my opinion). From personal experience, I like to think its all things spiritual… a combinationContinue reading “Dating is Discovery”


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