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do I go into the flames

or do I walk away

what is it to burn for something

for someone

the fire is both mesmerizing

and terrifying

yet I still find myself

being drawn

being guided towards it

but what will happen to me

I ask

will it hurt

as the layers melt away

do I turn to ashes

or am I reborn

will I lose everything

or gain everything

risk can be so scary

when my heart is so weary

from the weight

of past disappointments

I suppose I cannot know

what’s on the other side

since I’ve never been there

I only know

that I will always be brought

right back to this place

until I willingly choose to walk through

and allow myself to burn

with the intensity of all the things

that have always been inside of me

patiently waiting for me

to embrace it

Published by Lorena Gregory

Kansas City local, writer, proud pet, plant and art owner, lover of things that matter, sunshine, music and books. I'm a curious, optimistic person who cares big and laughs loud.

2 thoughts on “Fire

  1. Yes!! Get it girl! It’s always so amazing to read someone else’s intimate thoughts. You realize how human you both are. How much you see in each other. Mostly how much you see of yourself in their reflection. Love you!! Keep going.


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