More Thoughts on Why We Suck at Giving and Receiving

In relationships, some of us gravitate towards being the giver, some of us like being the receivers, and a few of us are talented enough able to do both. I’ve always felt most comfortable assuming the role as giver and I’m continually learning to be a better receiver. I enjoy giving, it makes me feelContinue reading “More Thoughts on Why We Suck at Giving and Receiving”

My Emotional Support Mask & Trying to Understand My Anger

Ever since the announcement of the lifting of the mask restrictions for people who are vaccinated happened, I’ve been having this internal struggle. This feeling in the pit of my stomach that churns, these powerful emotions that I can literally feel radiating from my body. And it’s the slow kind of anger and resentment that’sContinue reading “My Emotional Support Mask & Trying to Understand My Anger”

Three Tips on Really Being There For Your Friends

I’ve always said, my favorite thing to give is my opinion. Need me to give you advice on that problem? I’ve got introspection and suggestions out the wazoo, all totally for free. But guess what took me nearly 40 years to realize? Just because I am most comfortable giving someone advice as my “gift” toContinue reading “Three Tips on Really Being There For Your Friends”

6 Dating Tips for When You’re Getting Back Out There

After a heart break, (or heck, maybe not even after a heart break) it might take you days, weeks, months, sometimes ever years, to gather up the energy it takes to date. You download that dating app once more, there’s a brief thrill of new love and possibility. You swipe, you match, you start thoseContinue reading “6 Dating Tips for When You’re Getting Back Out There”

Why Entitled People Really Piss Me Off

Any time I see an entitled behavior in front of me, it absolutely makes my blood boil. I think how can someone be so greedy, so ungrateful, so self-absorbed! How rude! (said in my best Stephanie Tanner impression) When I see someone who lets other people buy him or her expensive things, I always sayContinue reading “Why Entitled People Really Piss Me Off”

Dating is Discovery

What makes us attracted to someone? I’m not always sure…from my limited “scholarly” research, its all things scientific and biological. Whether or not that partner would or could produce strong and resilient offspring with you. (True…but definitely not sexy in my opinion). From personal experience, I like to think its all things spiritual… a combinationContinue reading “Dating is Discovery”

My Valentines Day Post About Love…and Mirrors

“Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition.” Alexander Smith Part of the work of loving ourselves means learning to love ALL of ourselves. The beautiful parts, the resilient parts, the fun parts and yes, the ugly parts…the parts of that us that make us feel anxious andContinue reading “My Valentines Day Post About Love…and Mirrors”